What’s so special about Boston couples?

Singles flock to Boston from across the country because of its educational and job opportunities, building up careers before making the commitment to a life partner.

"People find it
hard to talk about

at a time when they are
expected to be

~Mimi Licht, "Before I do"
The Boston Globe, 12/16/07

Mimi Licht, LICSW, BCD, sees a pattern in the way people in Boston approach married life.

Young Bostonians tend to establish a professional identity before finding the one, moving in together and, when the biological clock starts ticking really loudly, getting engaged and setting the date.

Your ultimate goal is walking down the aisle together and, very often, setting the stage for parenthood. How to juggle two-career families, or how to handle career changes that may accompany parenthood after both of you have invested many years in your education and career, needs to be figured out.

Learning to share financial plans can be difficult for couples who have built up their own individual assets. And of course, giving up your life as you know it, as a single person, requires a major adjustment.

With Mimi, you will be able to share your premarital worries and get clearly focused feedback and help. By sharing this counseling experience, you will feel more confident when you become husband and wife, and you will establish a greater sense of trust in each other by the time you arrive at the altar.

Your engagement is the culmination of many years of studying, working, and planning. You want to savor every aspect of arriving at your special day. Saying I do should be so sweet, particularly if you have taken many years to turn the page to this next chapter in your lives.

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