Testimonials from Wisely Wed Clients

"The wedding was exactly as we both had hoped: incredible. Thank you so much for the advice and thoughts during our sessions. We have both come to realize communication is essential for us to continue to thrive and are determined to be attentive and open minded to each other's thoughts and needs."
~Boston couple, 2010

"Our wedding is two months from today! All is going well. John and I continue to deal with issues in communicating with his family and interacting with them. Things like this take a while to sort through but we are on the same page a lot more these days and are both proactively working together to make things better for us. ...I am seeing them respect me more and be a bit more accepting. Thank you for your help during what was a confusing period for us."
~NYC Bride-To-Be, 2010

"I was freaking out, feeling completely overwhelmed, getting pressure from my family and his about where to get married, everyone putting in their two cents. Then I spoke to Mimi. She was so great, helped me realize that my fiancé and I needed to decide what was right for us and how to communicate that effectively to our families. Mimi's support and guidance helped me calm down when I felt like a crazy person!"
~Connecticut Fiancée, 2009

"I was excited about becoming part of my fiance's family, but I had trouble dealing with his parents. I felt extremely anxious before every visit. Mimi helped me calm down. Together we identified my expectations and how they differed from those of my in-laws. We talked through possible scenarios and developed options for difficult conversations."
~Brookline Bride, Married 2002

"We talked through possible scenarios and developed options
for difficult conversations."

"When I first started working with Mimi, I was in a relationship filled with anxiety, guilt and mistrust. It was not until the engagement ended abruptly that I made a commitment to myself and began to learn how to make sure I did not get hurt again. I relied on the coaching and reassurance I got from Mimi. Three years later, I am married and expecting my first child with a wonderful, loving man!"
~Boston Bride, Married 2007

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"You would expect that being engaged a second time would have raised an enormous amount of issues, insecurities and anxiety. I relied on the coaching and reassurance I got from Mimi, which made our year prior to our wedding relaxed and enjoyable. Our wedding was incredibly laid back; levels of stress from the entire wedding party including both sets of parents were minimal."
~Boston Bride, June, 2007.

"I didn't know how I would cope with getting married without my father; with Mimi's help we figured out a meaningful way to include his memory as an important part of my wedding."
~Concord Bride, Married 2004

"With Mimi's help I have been able to have my dream, two wonderful boys and a great husband."
~Newton Bride, Married 2000

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