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Mimi Licht prepares couples for a happy, low-stress weddingIn Session: Mother-in-Law Management

in The Wedding Yentas, December 8, 2010

"We wanted to alleviate concerns and empower couples, which is why we’ve asked Boston-area licensed therapist, Mimi Licht, to contribute her expertise on the age-old relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law."
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Getting Hitched Without a Hitch

in LDS Living Magazine, April 2010

"What happens is that newlyweds sometimes feel that they've lost freedom as individuals, the truth is that learning to be a married couple includes learning how to keep separate time for themselves."

Marriage & Money: Engaged and Unemployed

in Modern Bride Finance Guide, Oct/Nov 2009

"Job loss may be the first big problem you face as to-be-weds. Mimi Licht, wedding therapist says a little love and support for each other can go a long way to ensuring that you weather this "for richer or poorer" moment--and any others that come your way."

Wedding Experts: The Therapist

in Boston Magazine Weddings, Fall/Winter 2008

Wisely Wed successfully helps couples address engagement stress and anxiety."I never suggest dumping everything out on the table at once. You have to feel ready to talk about issues that are painful--whether they're hurtful memories, or things you're not quite sure your partner will accept. And that happens on your own time. I encourage people to share something serious beforehand, if it makes sense to do that. My goal is to help people develop their own sense of judgment. Often there are already red flags about a serious issue (an addiction or major debt, for instance), and on some level the partner knows an issue exists. It's going to come up one way or another. Better to discuss it..." Read more.

Therapist Offers Tools For Wedded Life

in The MetroWest Daily News, February 14, 2008

"Consulting a wedding therapist may not be your first thought after becoming engaged. But therapist Mimi Licht says wedding therapy for the newly engaged can help them cope with common wedding-planning stresses and get them off to a better start once married."

Tis the Season To Get Engaged

in First Wives' World, December 20, 2007

It helps the couple--normally focused solely on what kind of wedding they're going to have--recognize some of the challenges that they're going to face once everyone has gone home and the honeymoon tan has faded..."     Read more.

Before 'I do'

in The Boston Globe, December 16, 2007

"If the answer to the proposal is "Yes," in steps Licht, who advises loving couples to face up quickly to the hazards that can wreck a wedding or the marriage afterward.

She's seen it all: the Boston bride who feared walking down the aisle, the alcoholic Brighton mom who threatened to ruin the reception, the overcritical Brookline groom whom the bride eventually dumped (she's now married to a "real sweetheart," Licht says).

Couples are also regularly building bridges between religions and cultures. "You see that just walking around Coolidge Corner," says Licht, of the couples she observes there.

Licht, who has been practicing in Brookline for 18 years, says she regularly encounters betrothed people who dread the changes that marriage will bring..."     Read more.

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