What to Expect at Wisely Wed

The first step in our working together will be you submitting the Contact Form at the end of this website. Mimi will call to chat about what you would like help with at this time and set up an appointment. At the first meeting we will review your concerns, get background information and decide on initial goals. Usually a six-session plan will be scheduled. As we go along, we will re-evaluate and decide about the need for continued counseling.

Post-engagement counseling from Wisely Wed.


"However long you’ve been together, the consent to wed will invariably
raise new concerns, resolution of these concerns...will require
compromise as well as time. The marriage you create can provide the love, honesty and compassion you both desire
~Vera Wang



The following guide highlights important issues to think about and discuss as you approach married life.

Coming Together as a Married Couple

I. What does it mean to you to become a wife/husband?

II. What do you picture life looking like in 5 years? And in 10 years (work, school, home purchase/location, children)?

III. Is there a married couple whose relationship you admire? Is there a married or divorced couple you think of as a negative role model?

IV. Have you discussed finances (earnings, spending habits, savings, debt, shared accounts, fears, concerns)?

V. What about religion (for yourselves, for your future family)?

VI. What is your neatness quotient, and how similar are your habits (clothes, dishes, books, papers)?

VII. What about spending time together or separately (alone time, negotiating separate space, time with friends, unique interests, hobbies)?

VIII. When you disagree what happens? (Do you compromise, avoid the subject, yell, curse, throw things, threaten to leave, completely shut down, call friends or family for support, let it go, talk it out)?

IX. What about family (visiting them, holidays, dealing with new in-laws, privacy)?

X. Sex—is it talked about (your differences, interests, turn-ons, levels of desire)?

XI. Secrets?

At the completion of counseling, you will have gained greater confidence in yourself and ensured a stronger relationship for you and your spouse-to-be on your wedding day and beyond.

Scheduling an Appointment

Please fill in the Contact Form and Mimi will call you to arrange an appointment. Some Saturday hours are available, as well as day and evening times Monday through Friday.

Appointments are offered for individuals and couples. Together, we will review your concerns and decide on initial goals.
A 6-session plan may be recommended, after which time progress will be evaluated and a decision made about the need for continued counseling.

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